Broken locks? Misted Glass? Faulty windows? cold Conservatory?



                This is our Hinges and handles page.


A broken or faulty hinge is the main cause of draughty windows. It is also something we fix on a daily basis. We change faulty window and door hinges.   


broken window hinge


If this happens to you we guarantee we will fix it immediately!

double glazed hinge

No Need to replace the hole window

Replacing the entire window is an expensive way to fix a damaged hinge. 

broken double glazed door hinge

We stock Hinges

  • We have an extensive range of hinges in stock.
  •  We fix hinges fast. 


chrome handle on double glazed door

Chrome door handle

  • We have a selection of door hadles  
  • pick your new door handle

and transform the look of your door 

white handle on double glazed window

Window handle

  • White 
  • Gold
  • Chrome
  • Black
  • Grey

patio door

snapped handle

Window and door handles.

Handles wear, snap, sag, scratch, look dated and generally start to look used and abused. So if you are selling your house, updating your house or just fancy a change call us. 

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